An Outstanding Expert in the Implementation of Healthcare in Asia

Why hire Rex?

Firstly, some of the big name consulting companies will present someone experienced when negotiating with you to purchase services, then once the contract is signed send you a junior recently graduated MBA staff member who has little experience! Rex has held top administrative positions in healthcare in Asia for over 20 years and is highly experienced in healthcare senior management.

Secondly, many Western companies fail when trying to implement projects in Asia because they simply try to do things as they would “back home” without taking into account the unique Asian environment. A strategy or system from the West simply transplanted into Thailand or China without understanding the local business conditions is bound to fail. While a local company will be unaware of what true international patient centered care is, or best practice systems from the West, and how to implement them in the Eastern environment.


With Rex you will get the best, most qualified, well connected and experienced expert who has a high understanding of the operating environment in countries in Asia, such as China and Thailand. Using the tools of:

  • Looking at how present operational paradigms could be used in different contexts
  • Promoting multidisciplinary cooperation for complex issues
  • Using critical thinking for problem solving
  • Enabling staff to effectively articulate ideas and implement them

Leading to:

  • Development of detailed and cost-efficient business & financial models
  • Implementation of true patient centered care
  • Adapting marketing strategy for the changing customer wants and needs
  • Detailed analysis of efficiency to department level and implementation of strategy to measurably improve performance

To energize your company’s performance feel free to contact Rex.


Naturally fees are project specific, according to scope and expected time required for completion. However a one hour call to discuss any particular issue is available for US$190. This being said, Rex is very flexible to fit in with your requirements to help you improve your company. If you require further information about options fell free to message Rex using the method below most convenient to you.