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I have been living and working in Asia since 1995, all in the healthcare industry. During these 20+ years I have accumulated a lot of interesting (and some would call humorous) stories. I am excited at the changes happening within healthcare in this part of the world leading to higher quality and better service care for local communities. Some of this positive change is brought about via foreign investment into the industry. In order to better facilitate this investment into Asia I decided to document some of my experiences. I frankly admit that I don’t see myself as an expert and know that I have so much more to learn, however I hope you all find something positive to take away.

I write because as a Westerner I have experienced some things in the Asia healthcare industry which to me are pretty crazy compared to the preconceived ideas, values and experiences I came with from the West. More and more Western companies are moving into the healthcare industry in Asia and if my experience written here can help even one person or company to improve the healthcare service they provide then I will be more than happy. However, no matter how much I write here I can never repay all the wonderful and amazing people in Asia who I have had the honor of meeting in my travels.

Why “meiqingqu”? Well initially I wanted to use “buqingqu” (不清楚) which in Chinese means:

unclear, not understood, currently unknown

Why choose unclear? Because I wish to make it obvious that I am not in any sense making a judgement of the experiences I write about and am sure that very likely in some cases I have probably misunderstood something.

However, unfortunately “buqingqu” was already taken so I settled for the grammatically incorrect meiqingchu “没清楚”. After I bought the domain I realized that the title is probably quite apt since as a Westerner I have made some horrendously embarrassing mistakes butchering the marvelous languages of Chinese and Thai!

Please note that in cases where I discuss people or hospitals/clinics etc., I have changed people’s names, facility names, and location to protect privacy. I have traveled to and worked in the majority of countries in Asia, although the bulk of my experience is in Thailand and China.

I welcome your comments and advice on what I can do better, how I misinterpreted a situation, and what you’d like to hear more about. I am very happy to learn from you!

My plan is to first write articles in English and later translate into Chinese as this will be a good way to practice my Chinese. I will ask a friend to check the Chinese before posting it to only ensure that I haven’t made some insulting statement (embarrassingly I have done this before!). They will not change any of the rest of the Chinese, so any mistakes and poorly structured sentences are entirely on me.

Happy reading!

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